Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Possessing my soul in patience ...

... is not one of my strong points.

I called my neurologist about the right-foot numbness and he finally called me back. His suggestion was that I "monitor" the situation.

Okaaaaaay. Will do.

This is neurologist-speak for "Gee, that is weird. Hmph!"

While I had him on the phone, I asked him if he had all of the results back and he said that he did. He was clearly reluctant to discuss the results, but I admit that I pressed him. I asked if there seemed to be a diagnosis and he said that things were not clear.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear. He said that we would talk at my appointment (which is next Thursday). I asked if there were any other tests he wanted me to do before then, and he said no -- the work-up had been thorough.

He said we would speak more when we had more time to go over the results. I suppose that I can wait for another eight days. Fishing for more information before hanging up, I asked again if there would be any possibility of treatment starting soon, and he again fobbed me off.

I called my sister and, after commiserating for a bit, she said that maybe the news was bad and he did not want to go over it on the phone.

Which had not occurred to me.

"Thanks!" I said ruefully. "Hey -- I'm here for you" she said. A little grimly.

So that is the update for now. I bet I don't have anything. I bet I don't have MS or lupus or anything. I have some odd little lesiony thing going on that is not treatable.

In reality, that would be okay. I have learned to pay attention when I hold things that are heavy or spillable. I drop my keys when I unlock the door and the word-finding difficulties are still there, but they are minor, compared to a month ago. The numbness has subsided to a low-level tingle and I am careful to use the handrails when I go down the stairs. Overall, I feel much, much better and if this is where I end up, that is certainly manageable.

So, happy December to all.


shelley said...

Okay...not to be all Polly Sunshine but I would think that if he had something grim to share...he wouldn't wait.

Having you come in next week makes me think...he just doesn't know what the problem is and needs more time to research it and seek counsel.

Bob, I honestly believe that. I would think that ethically he'd have an obligation to tell you if you had some dire disease...whether or not there was treatment for it.

I mean, if he's going to wait to lower the boom...why not put it off until AFTER Christmas?

Rowan said...

Bob, thanks for the update. I am agreeing with Shelley here. He would surely be duty bound to call you in if he had something concrete to tell you, especially with you making a specific effort to call in, and with you being a clinician in your own right. Sounds like he needs a bit more thinking time, and that things are, as he says, unclear to him.

I am so very glad that you are feeling much better than you did a month ago, and that the numbness has subsided to a tingle.

Aww, which of us would be any more patient, in your shoes, lassie? Or if so, to what end? Being a patient patient would probably mean still waiting for an appointment for yer first round of tests.

Happy December backatcha, chica!

Bama said...

Hey Lady! I agree with Shelley too. She's a very smart girl and I like the way she thinks!

I'm glad to hear you are learning to cope with your are doing waaaay better than I'd be.

I was thinking of all you ladies this weekend when I came across a huge section of Cadbury's products in a local store! I was mezmerized and overwhelmed and needed guidance from Rowan!!

Love you all!

Dr. Bob said...

Bama --

you, shelley, rowan ...

cyber-sisters all and a very nice Gift.

mmmm ... cadbury!

Rowan said...

Bama - I am more thsn happy to giver you cadbury guidance! Did you take a picture? hee hee. I could name and comment on the pros and pros (no cons with cadbury, except acne and weight-gain) of every fantastic foil wrapped delicacy fer sure.

keep me posted! :)