Thursday, November 29, 2007

All of my tests are done

...Let the waiting begin!

This part is a little funny. In general, I am feeling much better than I was a month ago. The only new weird symptom is that my right foot has decided to join the left side of my body in numbness-solidarity. I guess my body is Sticking it to the Man!

It feels like I am walking on really big, squishy slippers. I notice that I am more worried about falling down. I have this mental scenario that I am going to walk down the stairs, miss my footing, grab for the rail with my numb left hand and go falling down roly-poly, pell-mell, tumble-bumble, down to the bottom of the stairs.

But I haven't done so.

I did, however, show up to my MRI and MRA a week early. I showed up last week, having mistaken the day. This is the kind of thing that is driving me absolutely nuts. I am forgetting simple things, which is not really like me. I lost my ATM card, which is an enormous pain in the patoot, because I cannot deposit my paycheck. Of course it will take 5 working days to get a new one.


Anyway, I see the neurologist on December 17th. Armed with all of the test results, maybe we will have a diagnosis.


shelley said...

breath held.

prayers said.

I gotta say...I can't imagine all this waiting you've had to do. It's driving me nuts...and I'm hundreds of miles away...and not sharing your daily frustrations.

GRRRrrrrrr at having to have patience.

Rowan said...

Yeah, Bob, I am with Shelley on this, keeping you all prayed-up, and thinking of how all the interminable waiting must feel. Brandishing my virtual claymore at it. Roll on the 17th December, and the hoped-for diagnosis, and some actual treatment. In yer corner,lassie.

bama said...

Hey! Of course I'll be a'prayin too my dear! I suppose there is something to be said for patience...I wish I had some!