Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am taking a moment to give thanks.

For my salvation
For my family
For my children
For my friends
For my work
For my health
For the lovely haverers and their prayers, wit, and concern

I am everlastingly grateful.

And Rowan, we do indeed have wonderful pecan pie (not a fan of punkin, sorry to say). I will bring you one when I come out next. You bring the vanilla ice cream. There is always a place at the table for you and yours. And Bama, oooooh on the laptop. And I wonder what Shelley is baking this year. I still remember her baking from last year -- I need to make a chess pie, for sure!

Much love and Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Rowan said...

That's lovely, Bob. Hope you and your family have a terrific day. lookin forward to my first real pecan pie some day!

I remember Shelley's amazing pie pics! Waves to Shelley pie cook extraordinaire, and Bama of the soon to be shiny new laptop. Happy Thanksgiving to all haverers, from across the miles.

Here are two Thanksgivingy vids for you. The first is a lovely hymn of thankfulness, and the second...well, it is just silly. But I liked the Sean Connery voice-over.

I vow to thee, my country"

Bric a brac theatre"

Bama said...

Hi Y'all! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I was in charge of dessert for my family this I BOUGHT four pies...pumpkin, pecan, apple/cherry, and blackberry. I didn't have the time to make anything..sigh..but the pies were fantastic. Especially the blackberry..which came home with me and kept me company the rest of the weekend. Yum.

I got my laptop, although, I haven't decided on a internet provider yet. I'll figure all that out very soonly though!

shelley said...

Nine pies (10 counting the one pecan I made for work).

two pecan
two pumpkin
two apple
one cherry

and...upon my dad's order (and threat of disowning me if I failed to do so)...

THREE chess

and can you believe it...they all got eaten (plus the two apple cakes Mom made)

shelley said...

glad to see everyone made it through turkey day (rowan...we've GOT to get you over here to experience the ridiculous feasting of meats and sweets)


rowan said...

OOoooh!! Pie-tastic! Bama, the blackberry sounds the boogie. Shelley, I am having to prise my eyeballs from the computer, as the descriptions of the baked bounty is conjuring up all sorts of delicious smells, flavours and textures.(Is the term for that sort of multi-sensory reaction synaesthaesia, Bob?)

I am definitely coming to the US over for Thanksgiving sometime soon! GGGrrrrowl (A beans on toast belly rumble...a sort of 'having had lunch at ten, combined with pie-longing' sort of noise.)

Dr. Bob said...

Two words



(Rowan, step away from YouTube!)

Rowan said...

Are there chess pies on YouTube?